Who Wants to Gain 25 lbs, Drink 1 Can of Soda Each Day for a Year!

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Over the past few years across the blogosphere and internet in general one of the most talked about health issues has been drinking soda and the effects this has on your body. As one can probably imagine, I am not a fan of soda and have not drank them on a regular basis for over 2 years now. I can happily say that life is much better off without them. As with most people who stop drinking soda there are plenty of benefits that come from not indulging in a soda among them are weight loss, you feel better, you are more active and not sluggish and more money in your wallet. Which is a big benefit for us frugal types!

One of the main issues I don’t understand about quitting soda is, how people quit and then relapse have a soda or 2, feel guilty and quit again and this cycle continues until they either quit for good or just go back to drinking soda. This never really happened to me, thank goodness. Although I am not perfect either, on rare occasions I have consumed a few sodas, but the last time I had one, it tasted too sweet. After finishing the soda I reached for the water and drank enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool!

Are you convinced yet that soda is no good? Not yet, OK well here are my highly anticipated Top 5 reasons for quitting soda:

  1. Each can of soda on average contains 12 spoonfuls of sugar! To put this into perspective the average adult male should only consume 9 teaspoons per day, not 12 tablespoons, the average adult female 6 teaspoons per day.
  2. Soda is bad for your teeth. Soda is full of phosphoric acid that causes your teeth to erode and rot over time. Or as medicaldaily.com states “In some extreme cases, drinking a lot of soda can leave your mouth as corroded as that of a meth abuser, according to a 2013 study.” Wonderful, so what you are saying is not only will I gain weight, but I also get to look like a meth addict. Why is this not an advertisement for a major soda brand yet, ha-ha. Are you rubbing your tongue across your teeth?
  3. Soda is full of chemicals some of which are used to make flame retardants. Some sodas are made with a chemical called brominated vegetable oil (BVO) which treehugger.com explains it this way “What brominated vegetable oil (BVO) does to soda is, Coca-Cola explains, “prevent the citrus flavoring oils from floating to the surface in beverages.”  Mmm nothing better than a big ole glass of flame retardant after a long days works!
  4. Soda can cause migraines. I don’t know about you but, I need all the brain power I can muster each day, without having to worry about getting a migraine.
  5. Soda is known to leach calcium from your bones, which in turn makes your bones brittle, so they could break with ease.

Next time you reach for a can of soda think about this for a second, soda could possibly cause your teeth to erode, while your belly bulges out all while you deal with a migraine and to top it off your bones become brittle. I don’t know about you, but I am glad I stopped drinking soda before my body fell apart!

This is just a small sample of what soda can do to your body. There are plenty more examples all over the internet or in medical journals, magazines etc. For me, drinking soda of any sort is a bad idea and don’t even get me started on diet soda, they are even worse. But, we can save this highly anticipated article for another time. I hope this article has opened your eyes a little more to how bad soda is for your body.


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