PowerBall Hysteria, Why I Do Not Play the Lottery!

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning underwater than winning the PowerBall jackpot!

With those sort of odds we should all flock to the store to buy a handful of tickets, do you feel lucky! Shockingly I am not one of the millions who play the good ole lottery. I would rather earn my money the old-fashioned way. Yes I know this may sound dull to some folks, but it’s just the way I am. My goal in life is early retirement not instant wealth!

photo credit: Bumper Sticker via photopin (license)Whoever wins the lottery often finds “family and friends” they never knew existed. And everyone wants a handout! Have you ever watched any of the documentaries on lottery winners, most say that winning the lottery ruined their lives. Over half the winners are broke within 5 years of winning it and have to go back to work to support themselves and their families. An excerpt from an article on Eyes on the Dollar, explains it this way:

I recently read an article recently on the Business Week website about a guy name Jack Whittaker who in 2002 won the $314 million dollar PowerBall lottery and opted for the one time lump payment of $93 million. Pretty lucky guy, right? Absolutely ruined him. Everyone wanted money from him. He lost his so-called friends. He couldn’t trust anyone. His wife left him. He hung out at strip clubs. Drank like a fish. Ugly stuff.”

If this is your idea of fun, then by all means go ahead and buy a ticket or 10. But, to me I have better ways to spend my money.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I do enjoy winning money and would not turn it away. But, if I had a choice, I prefer to win a smaller jackpot or scratch off ticket, just enough to pay off my bills and have enough to retire on and travel the world. Of course my chances of winning are infinitely tougher since I rarely ever buy a ticket. 🙂

Over the years I have read a few books on wealth and how to create it. One of the most common factors in all those books on self-made millionaires is they don’t play the lottery. They earn what they make, to me this is far more impressive than winning the mega jackpot. Self-made millionaires understand money and the hardship it took to get to where they are in life. This sort of success is what I strive for daily.

Do you play the lottery? What do you plan to do with the money if you win? If you need help or ideas, for a small fee I will be glad to show you!  🙂

photo credit: Bumper Sticker via photopin (license)